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Monday, July 18, 2011

Crave Burger - Not Really "Crave-Worthy"

Location: G/F Shopwise SuperCenter
150 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Libis, Bagumbayan
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 917 - 5626612

After doing our grocery shopping at Shopwise Libis one stormy weekend, we decided to just have lunch at Crave Burger. I was looking forward to having a nice and heavy burger lunch since I wasn't able to have breakfast that day. Again, like what I always do when eating at a place we've never tried before, I ordered the basic... Crave Burger's CC1 Crave Combo meal which had a Crave Burger, a side order of Skinny Fries, and a 12oz drink.

CC1 Crave Combo (Php 190.00)

So how did I like it? Well, I sure wasn't happy with my lunch that day. The Crave Burger was quite disappointing. The bun was dry and crumbly. The burger patty was small, despite their tag line that they had "bigger" burgers... ummmm.. Not really! It also lacked flavor... bland, to say the least.

The blue lemonade was not chilled, not a good thing for me since I like my drinks icy and chilled. I would have to say that the only thing I liked about Crave Burger was their hot sauce. I liked that their hot sauce had a slight barbeque flavor to it and had, in fact, a perfect level of spiciness. Then again, I don't think I'd be heading to Crave Burger to get my burger fix just because of their hot sauce.

Wowie ordered the Crave Burger, with extra Maple Bacon. Wow... we opened the burger, and... lo and behold.... ONE dry, skinny strip of bacon. Check out the photo below.

Crave Burger (Php 135.00) plus Bacon (Php 40.00)
Soooo not worth it...
and look at how small the burger patty is
compared to the bun...

He also ordered a Vanilla Milkshake (Php 85.00). The most disappointing item we ordered. I was observing how they whipped up their shake... and when I saw the server put a huge scoop of tube ice and  a cup of water in the blender, I knew that their milkshake would be terrible. DO NOT ORDER MILKSHAKES FROM CRAVE BURGER! Their vanilla milkshake was made from powdered milk, water, and ice (instead of cream or vanilla ice cream, or both)... resulting in a chunky icy milk drink. Definitely NOT my definition of what a milkshake should be. If we wanted an icy milkshake-like drink, Zagu would have been a waaaay better option, seriously.

Man, we should've just eaten at McDonald's where they have (in my opinion), better tasting burgers and milkshakes.

Well, this is just my take on Crave Burger. To all Crave Burger fans... I respect your love for this burger joint. It's really just not for me. So not worthy to satisfy my burger cravings.


What I Liked:
> Their hot sauce. PERIOD.

What  I Didn't Like:
> Everything, except for the hot sauce.

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely not...

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> No... Again, I still recommend Wham! Burgers for huge, juicy, and scrumptious burgers!

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