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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mmmm! Mexicali @ The Block, SM City North EDSA

Location: 4/F SM City North,
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 2 - 4420096
Sunday to Thursday / 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Friday to Saturday / 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Mexican Food has got to be my Food for the Year (2011). I just seem to be craving for Mexican food more often than usual. Of course, this plus my regular cravings for crispy pata and pancit. :-)

After our first round of shopping on a Sunday, we had to decide on where to go for lunch. We seriously went around all the floors of the block, undecided, since nothing really seemed to appeal to me. One thing I don't like when shopping at a place I'm not that familiar with... I just can't decide in a snap as to where I'd want to eat for lunch or dinner. Hahaha!

Good thing Wowie remembered that there was a Mexicali branch on  the 4th floor. Score! An easy YES for both of us :-) Again... Pardon the grainy low-res photos... forgot to bring my camera.

Grilled Chicken Plate (Php 199.00)

We ordered two Grilled Chicken Plates, Solo Nachos and a Ground Beef Burrito to share. "Woot, woot" for having Bottomless Soda too at Php 59.00! Bottomless is really the way to go for me if it's available as I tend to order more than one drink/glass.

What I love about Mexicali is the fact that their menu items are quite yummy and reasonably priced as compared to the newer Mexican Food joints sprouting in the metro. Serving size is just right. Wowie and I really enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Plates we ordered. The chicken was grilled to perfection and had a clean grilled taste to it. The rice that came with the plate was tasty too! Yum!

I was also pleased that their Solo Nachos was enough for us to share as an appetizer. I was actually leaning on ordering the large sized nachos, good thing I was able to control myself.

Solo Nachos (Php 119.00)

Plus points for their Nachos which had generous toppings of olives, jalapeno peppers, salsa, sour cream and beans! I loved that there was more than enough toppings to ensure that each nacho chip had everything on it. In short, the nacho chip to toppings ratio was just perfect... unlike Nachos served at other places where you have to somehow "budget" and "allocate" the toppings... but still ending up with a lot of nacho chips and no toppings.

Mexicali's Ground Beef Burrito, well, was just ok. Their burrito was already filled with rice, salsa, and beans, so the ground beef didn't really stand out. I actually made a mistake when placing an order as I was supposed to get the Steak Burrito. Dunno why I said Ground Beef. Next time. The good thing about their burrito is that it is a really filling meal on its own since it is also generously filled and packed. 

Ground Beef Burrito (Php 145.00)

Overall, here's...


What I Like:
> The food of course... Their Grilled Chicken Plate and Nachos. Flavorful menu items... yum!

What I Didn't Like:
> Nothing in particular, except that I made a mistake in ordering a ground beef burrito since I wanted a steak burrito... hehehe :-) The ground beef burrito would have been better if the ground beef was chunkier :-)

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely! I'm planning to try all their dishes this year, so there! :-)

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yup! Let me also add that the staff at Mexicali, SM North EDSA are very nice and accommodating... more plus points for them!

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  1. been wanting to try mexicali coz of their chili con carne. hopefully soon!

  2. ate grusha, try jalapeño in ortigas home depot. :)

  3. michy: tried that na :-)

    pinkc00kies: haven't tried their chili con carne yet... will do soon... i usually order the heavy dishes first eh.. hahaha :-)

  4. I agree! Their food's great! Awesome post! You might wanna try Hermano's Taco Shop at Gilmore St. sometime. I'm not affiliated with them or anything but I do love their food. They serve authentic mexican dishes. Mid-priced. :)

    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)


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