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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Take-Out Dinner - Tom's Crispy Pata

Location: Congressional Avenue,
Quezon City, Philippines
(and in other Q.C. areas too!)
Price: Php 350.00

Whenever I'm too tired or lazy to cook, and waaay too hungry to wait for food delivery... we decide on ordering from any of the Take-Out Food stalls around Q.C. Choices range from Lechon Manok, Liempo, Lechon, Sisig, Pork Barbeque, or Crispy Pata. If I get to pick, and if my husband doesn't try to talk me out of the "cholesterol" bit, I'd always choose CRISPY PATA! I already mentioned I LOVE CRISPY PATA right? Hahaha :-)

We've already tried ordering from different Crispy Pata take-out stalls, but this was our latest Crispy Pata order since I started publishing my blog entries last month... so Tom's Crispy Pata is now the first Crispy Pata take-out I'll be reviewing :-)


What I Like: 
> Size - The biggest Crispy Pata we've ordered for Take-out so far...good enough for 3 people.. can be shared by 4 max. others are not good enough for 2 people to share... let alone 3. Well, I mean, that's when we're eating.. and if you're starving and not on a diet ok :-)
> Price - just right for the size. I'd rather pay Php 350.00 for a bigger Crispy Pata like Tom's than having to order 2 small ones at 230 each...
> Taste - good, flavorful... even the meat inside is tasty :-)

What I Didn't Like:
Not that I didn't like the Crispy Pata.. I LIKED IT A LOT.. but...
> The leg part - I believe the Crispy Pata we got was the hind leg... I personally prefer the Front Leg since the meat there is more tender... but then again, we can't just toss all the hind legs right.... hahaha :-) Maybe we should specify the part we want next time.. if it is possible :-)

Will I Go Back?:
> Yes! Too bad there isn't one near the Commonwealth area... perhaps you guys know a branch near us?

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes

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are highly appreciated... 
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  1. great post-we live in commonwealth area also-capital heights area-I love crispy pata but my wife regulated my diet for such items!-I will try to check this place out-so far I like the crispy pata at Jerry's best

  2. mel u :
    Ooohhh... ako talaga I super love crispy pata.. but we really can't be eating crispy pata regularly right? too much cholesterol... very bad.. haha :-) we TRY to eat healthy naman but we have to indulge din on sinful items every once in a while.. don't you agree? :)
    Jerry's? is that a take-out place too? share naman! Is that near commonwealth?

  3. wow. :) sinful naman nyan haha

  4. pinkc00kies: yeah.. if i could eat it everyday, I would, at least once.. hahaha :) sarap pa if I can eat as much rice as I want like others.. hehehe :) kaso di pwede.. awww:(

  5. O nga, sobrang sinful! :) Nakakatakam! :)

  6. Kai: yeah, sinful and nakaka-crave.. for me ALWAYS nakaka-crave :) hehe :)

  7. where is the nearest Toms Crispy Pata in Mandaluyong Area

    1. you can try Mr. GOOGLE

      MY SITE

  8. You can try Hocky Porky crispy hauz at Tandang Sora. They the best crispy pata.

  9. Hocky Porky!! SOLID! :) A MUST TRY!!


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