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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tasty Pancit Palabok @ Susie's Cuisine - Pampanga

Location: McArthur Highway, Dolores
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Telephone: (63) - 45 - 8612480 / (63) - 45 - 9639302

I first tasted the Pancit Palabok from Susie's Cuisine 2 years ago when Wowie bought me a single order as "pasalubong" from his business trip to Pampanga. Since then, I simply had to have it as "pasalubong" together with Tibok-tibok every time he goes to San Fernando or wherever there's a Susie's Cuisine branch.

The sauce of their Pancit Palabok is just perfect.. super flavorful and tasty. Goes really well with the thick bihon-like noodles. I like the fact that the sauce is actually absorbed by the noodles, makes each bite really tasty, even without the toppings...  unlike other Palabok versions where the sauce is like a separate flavor from the noodles.

Pancit Palabok (Php 40.00)

Nothing really fancy about this Pancit Palabok, not overloaded with toppings... it's just that it's cooked and flavored perfectly, makes for the best classic version of Pancit Palabok for me. A bang for your buck too at Php 40.00... really cheap. You can eat the single serving alone for lunch and won't be hungry. The serving size is enough to make your stomach full and your taste buds happy :-)

Susie's Cuisine also sells other scrumptious delicacies like Tibok-tibok (too bad I scarfed down my Tibok-tibok slices before I remembered to take pictures), ube, mochi (their version of buchi with gata)... all for only Php 20.00 per slice or Php. 400.00 per bilao. I'll make sure I take photos of the other delicious treats next time. :-) Yum!

So the next time you're headed to Pampanga, be sure to stop by Susie's Cuisine and order their delish Pancit Palabok to taste it for yourself :-) Let me know if you liked it as much as I do! :-)


What I Like: 
> Palabok -  Very Flavorful and tasty!
> Price - cheap for the tasty food and serving size you're getting
> Food - aside from their Pancit Palabok, they have other yummy delicacies too!

> Palabok and Tibok-tibok!

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely!

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes! Must-try when you're in Pampanga! Great for pasalubong too! :-)

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  1. I like anything with an egg in it! My Auntie makes the best Pancit!

  2. Michelle: Me too! I love eggs.. I love Pancit too! What kind of Pancit does your Aunt cook?

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  5. Masarap talaga pansit palabok nila jan, kumain na nga kami nun may take out pa.. heheh

    San Fernando Pampanga


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