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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Fave Goodies @ Good Shepherd, Baguio City

Location: 15 Gibraltar Road,
Baranggay Mines View
2600 Baguio City
Convent (63) - 74 - 4241109 / Center (63) - 74 - 4423865
Whenever we head to Baguio, I make it a MUST to always get my stash of scrumptious goodies and "pasalubong " from Good Shepherd. I know that there are numerous souvenir shops and stores selling Baguio City goodies and treats, at waaaay cheaper prices too... but my heart really belongs to Good Shepherd :-)

Number ONE on my list would be their oh-so-yummy PEANUT BRITTLE. I just Loooove the sweet and salty goodness of their Peanut Brittle. I have already managed to eat one large plastic jar in one sitting... seriously :-) Good Shepherd's Peanut Brittle may cost more than those being sold for 3-for-100 pesos or 4-for-100 pesos, but once you open the jar, you'll see that your Php 200.00+ pesos is all worth it ;-)

Good Shepherd's Peanut Brittle is generously filled and packed... unlike its cheaper counterparts sold for 25-30 pesos where you only get a hollow container since they only make it look "full" from the outside. With the cheaper peanut brittle, you just get the "outer" peanut brittle shell with the middle/inside portion almost empty. So if you want to bring someone food pasalubong to impress, get your goodies from Good Shepherd and skip the ones sold at super discounted prices. See Good Shepherd's plastic jar... Yum!

Favorite item number two would be their gooey and rich UBE JAM. Theirs would be our favorite Ube Jam (Purple Yam Jam) of all time. It has perfect consistency and texture not found in other Ube Jams. Perfectly sweet... makes for a quick and easy dessert after a meal. Just get a clean spoon, scoop out a big dollop of chilled Ube Jam and Eat! Yum! Hahaha :-) Some people say that Tantamco's Ube Jam is at par with Good Shepherd's, but I have yet to try it out. Let's see...

And.. Last but not the least... CHOCOLATE CRINKLES! I love the fact that their Chocolate Crinkles are moist, sweet, tasty, chewy, and flat. Yes, I didn't make a typo-error. Their crinkles are indeed FLAT. I like my chocolate crinkles moist and chewy... and most of the time, bakeries make the mistake of baking large and thick chocolate crinkles, resulting  in dry, crumbly chocolate crinkles... tsk, tsk. In my opinion, Good Shepherd's Chocolate Crinkles are sized just right making it easy to pop a whole crinkle in your mouth. Yum!

Try their Strawberry Jam/Preserve too... I'm just not a fan of strawberries, but those who love it say that Good Shepherd's is the best. So the next time go on a trip to the City of Pines, the summer capital of the Philippines... be sure to swing around Good Shepherd's to buy several jars of deliciousness!

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  1. foody mommy! You should try their Cashew Brittle! So addictingly yummy!

  2. K: ooohh... really.. haven't tried that yet... will add it to my list next time :-) Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. omg, gotta love Good Shepherd's ube jam and peanut brittle!!! :D

  4. pinkc00kies: Me too! Their Peanut Brittle is just soooo yummy!

  5. I don't like their chocolate crinkles. It was a disappointment =( Try Becky's kitchen the best yun for me.

  6. i am excited to be in baguio again to visit that said convent...bibili talaga aq ng peanut brittle..

  7. @stacy: Sorry for the extremely late reply guys... had a looooong writer's block... anyway, thank you for the feedback, the reason why i like their crinkles is because they're thin and chewy... not a fan of thick bread-like crinkles eh. as for Becky's kitchem, i grew up with Becky's kitchen since I went to St. Scho from grade school to high school... eh medyo sawa narin ako dun :-) hehehe :-)

    @anonymous: have a fun trip to baguio! sarap talaga ng peanut brittle ng good shepherd's :-)

  8. I love this blog post! We share the same sentiments about Good Shepherd sweeties--they are to die for!!

  9. what time does this place open and close?

  10. hi i am emily and base in angeles city may i ask where can i buy a good shepherd ube jam?? i need 2 or 3 jars to send out to US my mobile 09175104389


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