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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snack Pack, Snack Pack!

As much as I love dining out, I still try my best to limit my food/calorie intake whenever I'm at home or at work. However, we all know that when we try to go on a diet we don't really get that much choices, especially in terms of dessert or yummy filling snacks. Most would just munch on crackers to keep their hunger at bay; but we all have to admit... crackers are quite boring, bland... and a normal serving (around 3 rectangular soda crackers at 120-170 calories) is definitely not filling. Here in the Philippines, diet meals and yummy quick fix diet food are really not that cheap and readily available unlike getting to choose from a wide array of gourmet diet food in America.

Since I've made it a habit to check the Nutrition Facts of most Food Products/Items, I've discovered that the Snack Pack pudding cup makes for a low-calorie yet yummy, filling, and chocolatey treat! At just 120 calories and 30 calories from fat, the Hunt's Snack Pack has got to be my favorite diet treat of all time :-)

So if you have a sweet tooth and are planning to go on a diet, or perhaps limit your dessert/calorie intake, I highly recommend the Snack Pack... Yummy, filling, and guilt-free! :-) I usually buy my stash good for 1-2 months from the Royal Duty Free Store at the Subic Freeport Zone. If you buy it there, it just costs Php 135.00-145.00 for a box of 12 Snack Packs in assorted chocolate flavors, that's only Php 11.25-12.00 per pack... quite cheap too! Score!

Unfortunately, if you don't have time to head to a duty free store, be ready to shell out around Php 35.00 each if you decide to buy your Snack Packs at popular supermarkets in Manila. Still, not bad, if you think of it as a dessert-prize to top off your diet meal ;-)

Tip: Freeze or semi-freeze your Snack Pack before eating for a refreshing and sweet chocolatey ice-cream-cake-like treat! Yum!

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  1. hahaa.. my all time favorite.. i have a bunch of stocks here in my room.

  2. i tried this before. i like it a bit frozen :D

  3. jeza: so good right? :-)

    pinkc00kies: yeah, same here... i like mine semi-frozen... the best way to have it! :-)

  4. aww i miss snack packs! which supermarket in the metro manila sells these?

    and yes.. when i read "snack pack snack pack" it reminded me of dora's backpack line

  5. K: Most of the Shopwise branches have them... some naman have other brands of pudding...

    Hehehe... YUP! That's exactly what I had in mind when I was thinking of a post title... was practically singing "Snack Pack, Snack Pack" to the tune of Dora's theme song when I thought of it.. hahaha :-)

  6. 2 grams of saturated fat and 17 grams of sugar in ONE pudding cup? That's not healthy at all.

  7. hello, I got interested in this pudding after reading your blog. unfortunately, I can't find it in SM or they don't really have it? I'm residing in Bacoor but working in Makati, maybe you know a supermarket w/c sells near my area. Thanks :)

  8. Hi Leslee!
    You could try checking at Shopwise Makati or S&R :-) Enjoy! Hope you get to try it soon :-)

  9. Hi i love your blog.i think your decoatoins are fab!please come to my blog because i'm new and i need your advise.


  10. *** hello everyone! so sorry for the extremely late reply, had a pretty loooooooong writer's block as i became really busy at work since july 2011. anyway, i'd be adding more entries soon!:-) keep yourself posted! :-) ***

    @ammaarah s: thanks for the feeback! feel free to keep yourself posted on my upcoming blog entries :-)

  11. Hi blogger, I was looking for snack pack until I ended up in this blog. May I know kung san exactly na duty free mo po siya nabibili? magkaiba kasi ata yung Royal Duty Free Store sa Subic Freeport Zone.

    dito mo po ba siya nabili? let me know po. if it's not too much to ask po, can you answer me sa e-mail ko? hope to hear from you soon. thank you very much. by the way, very nice blog! <3


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