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Friday, June 17, 2011

Trickey's - Inasal Joe - Chillers Shakes @ Tiendesitas

Location: Food Court, Tiendesitas
Pasig City, Philippines

I read somewhere that Tiendesitas had a Food Stall selling gigantic portions of Baby Back Ribs so we decided to head here for lunch on a Sunday after mass.  We tried looking for Baby Back Ribs in each stall (since I forgot the name), but too bad, we can't seem to find it. We settled on Trickey's instead since they had T-Bone & Prime Rib Steaks. We also wanted a soup dish for sharing so we ordered La Paz Batchoy from Inasal Joe, a few stalls after Trickey's. For drinks, Mango Shakes from Chillers.

Trickey's Prime Rib Steak (Php 150.00)

The  Prime Rib Steak was ok for the price, c'mon now Php 150.00... you can't really demand steak perfection. Flavor was average, but good and but definitely better than Slice N Dice... still can't compare to other similarly priced steaks as we haven't eaten at another cheap steak place recently. I'll post a comparison once we do :-) The meat was not as tender as I would want it, needs a bit of a chew but I don't mind. I would have to say that the gravy was good and went well with the steak.

Trickey's French Fries (Php 45.00)

French Fries from Trickey's was surprisingly very good! Cooked with the skin.. gives the french fries an extra snap and crunch when you bite into it. It was flavored nicely too.. had the right amount of salt and spice... yum! The Fries, were, in fact, the best part of our Tiendesitas lunch experience.

Inasal Joe's La Paz Batchoy

I can't say the same thing for the La Paz Batchoy. Yeah, the broth had a La Paz Batchoy flavor, however, it was disappointing because I did not find what I usually look for when ordering La Paz Batchoy. The meat pieces were actually tiny meat bits, so tiny you can't even chew on it. The noodles I could actually finish in one big bite if I wanted to. It could've also been better if it had more toppings like chicharon or egg. I can't remember the exact price, but it's somewhere from Php 40.00 - Php 60.00 pesos.  Better to order from Ilonggo Grill if you want La Paz Batchoy from a food court stall.

see the tiny meat bits... 
soooo tiny it's like you're eating instant La Paz Batchoy

Chillers Mango Shake (Php 50.00)

The Mango Shake from Chillers was good as always.
Perfectly sweet and ice was blended perfectly.
Not bad at Php 50.00.


What I Liked:
> Trickey's French Fries - worth ordering separately1
> Chillers Shakes - always yummy

What I Didn't Like:
> Inasal Joe's La Paz Batchoy - with teeny tiny bits meat, like instamt cup noodles La Paz Batchoy

Will I Go Back?:
> For Trickey's.. Yes.. for the fries... for  the steak... perhaps, if I can't find a better alternative
> Chillers Shake - Yes, they have yummy fruit shakes :-)

Do I Recommend These Places?:
> Yes, try the French Fries at Trickey's and the shakes at Chillers
> Skip Inasal Joe's

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  1. Mukhang masarap yung fries! Pa fries ka naman!

  2. the fries are really good... surprisingly good for a food-court stall... tara! next time i'm at school to get my grad photos pa-fries ako :)


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