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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Fave CashCashPinoy Deals: Update - 50% OFF for Sofitel's Scrumptious Spiral Buffet!

Location: Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Price: Php 1160.00 per person
Savings: 1160.00 (50% savings at Php 2320.00 actual price)
Deal Site: CashCashPinoy

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Sorry everyone... I just updated this post today... Just want to inform you guys that the Sofitel Spiral Buffet Promo from CashCashPinoy has ended yesterday (Wednesday, June 22, 2011)... However, according to them, they are still planning to offer the tempting deal again to all their fans...

Don't I'll be updating this post again once I know of an amazing and tempting deal from CashCashPinoy that I want to share with everyone!

In the meantime, feel free to sign up with them and subscribe to their newsletter to get first hand information on the some of the latest and best deals in town!

Visit  CashCashPinoy at to sign up!

Oooohhhh! I just love "deal sites" and "discount sites"!. For those still not familiar with companies like CashCashPinoy, well... in a nutshell, they basically offer popular items (food vouchers, buffets, beauty treatments, hotel stays, vacations, and more) at awesome discounted rates. Mostly 50% OFF the regular price.. but discounts may be anywhere from 20%-80%!

I usually scout these websites for deals on Food & Drink... just be sure to sign up for their mailing list so you'll get first hand information on the latest and coolest deals you could get your hands on! I especially love getting vouchers for discounts on Hotel Buffets. Instead of paying a whopping Php 1500.00 - up to Php 3000.00 per person at a hotel buffet, you get to experience and taste their luxurious spread at half the price! You can't beat that!

So I say... why not set a date with your special someone, family, or friends... and go on a gastronomical journey without burning a hole in your pocket! :-)


* Note:  
I am not connected or associated in any way to CashCashPinoy, or any other  "Deal Sites " I write a review or recommendation on. I am just sharing the deals that I think are super deals that everyone should not miss out on :-)

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  1. Hi Grusha! also offered 50% off Spiral buffet yesterday. Unfortunately, I learned about it a few minutes too late... I wasn't able to avail of the promo :( --Agatha

  2. Hey Agatha! :) Really.. Ensogo had a deal too? Parang wala ako nakita yesterday kahit under their past deals... Anyway.. you can still purchase the Sofitel vouchers today at :) Go na! :)

  3. saan pa may spiral buffet deals???

  4. Mine was a case of Cashcashpinoy's merchant completely reneging on the terms and conditions. We purchased Cashcashpinoy's Dusit Basix Buffet which expressly included unlimited wine/beer. When we dined last Aug. 5, wine/beer was intentionally excluded for voucher holders while it was still available to regular patrons. The buffet spread was also very limited and dismal. Dusit Basix Buffet that night was a sorry excuse for a hotel buffet. Pending a response from the website, I no longer trust Cashcashpinoy to be able to guarantee the terms and conditions of their vouchers.

  5. I too had a very bad experience with CAshCashpinoy. I bought 2 vouchers of their Eat and Go Restaurant promo. When we redeemed the voucher at Eat and Go restaurant in Megamall, the restaurant said our voucher wasn't in the list of vouchers sold by CCP. We were told to wait while the restaurant manager tried to contact CCP to verify. We stayed in the said resto for about 30 minutes and had to leave without eating because CCP hasn't responded.

    After that incident, I requested for a refund of the voucher. But sadly 4 weeks had passed and CCP has just kept on passing the buck to Eat and Go.

    We paid hard earned money for the voucher which the merchant has refused to honor.

    So people beware of CCP. They don't even have telephone numbers posted on their site. And my complains on the facebook wall were all deleted and barred from ever posting again.

  6. @chinese adobo and @chit: awww, so sorry to hear about that. i'd have to say we're still quite lucky since we haven't had the same experience, yun lang na feeling ko lugi yung buffet sa seven corners in general, not naman because of the service from the deal site.

  7. Thanks for sharing CashCashPinoy to your readers! We hope we were able to serve you well and wish to serve you better in the future. :)

    For any concerns, pls email us at or leave a message in our fb page. Thank you!


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