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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pleasantly Pinoy @ Pan de Amerikana

Location: # 92 Ordonez Street
Marikina City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 2 - 4752398

I’ve been wanting to have lunch at Pan de Amerikana for the longest time after seeing it featured on a TV show for their whimsy decor.  With our boys and our trusty cameras in tow, we finally got around to going there on a Sunday. I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of food since my friends spent way too much time taking photographs when they had a meal there. They only got to tell me three things:  (1) That it was a great place to take pictures, (2) steaks were priced just below Php 200.00, and (3) that they had a huge chess board.

We asked around the Concepcion, Marikina area for directions to Pan de Amerikana. It was a cinch to follow and the restaurant is quite easy to spot too with a big windmill near the entrance. Lovely, eye-catching façade… me likey!

We got there at around 12:15 pm and saw that the parking area fronting Pan de Amerikana was full. Good thing there was an extremely helpful security guard/parking attendant who directed us across the street to park. Plus points for Mr. Guard for helping us cross the street too!

Pan de Amerikana in Marikina is also surprisingly spacious inside, so don’t let full parking area make you go somewhere else thinking that the place is packed. There are more than enough dining areas and tables for everyone.

Ordering is done at the front counter. It’s the first thing you see when you enter the restaurant. I love that the staff manning their register are all friendly and would gladly give you a description of what their dishes are and how they’re cooked. Very helpful for first-timers like us.

Another thing to love about Pan de Amerikana is how reasonably-priced everything is on their menu.  For a mere Php 684.00, we were able to order the following items:

Ilokano Igado – Php 60.00
Shanghai – Php 35.00
Pla-pla Bawang – Php 99.00
Tuna Pandesal – Php 25.00
Chicken Curry – Php 60.00
2 orders of Saba Con Yelo – Php 25.00 each (Php 50.00)
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo – Php 25.00
2 Extra Rice – Php 15.00 each  (Php 30.00)
9 fruit shakes – Php 30.00 each (Php 270.00)
A can of coke zero – Php 30.00

 Fruit Shakes (Php 30.00 each)
melon, watermelon, mango

Not bad right?!? I really had to list down the items we ordered so you guys could have an idea of how much we got to order for less than Php 700.00. It is nice that the food they serve are affordable with just the right serving size. It allows diners to try multiple dishes without having to worry about the bill, or perhaps not being able to finish everything.

Food was yummy. Classic Filipino Fare... Nothing fancy, but had the home-cooked goodness I appreciate. I especially liked the Pla-Pla Bawang. It was flavoured perfectly, garlicky and had the right amount of spiciness. A must-try when you’re there! The chicken-curry was good too, Philippine-style Chicken Curry like how our Lolas or Moms cooked it. The Ilokano Igado was our youngest son’s favourite.

Pla-Pla Bawang

There’s also so much eye-candy for everyone inside Pan de Amerikana. They do have a lot of whimsical knick-knacks and décor that you won’t even notice the time it takes for your food to be served. This is a definite plus for families with children as the kids would be too busy and pre-occupied to ask if the food would be served yet, or if you could leave and go somewhere else instead.  Perfect for parents like me with children who are easily bored. Hahaha :-) You can even borrow chess pieces to use and play chess on your chess board designed table. If not, try your hand at giant chess! It also makes for a unique date-place for people not wanting to burn a hole in their pocket. 

 our boys at the giant chess board area

Now, our boys can’t wait to go back to Pan de Amerikana. Our boys look forward to playing there, and my husband and I look forward to trying the other dishes on their menu. Pan de Amerikana is a restaurant that’s pleasantly Pinoy, despite its name. A must-see and must-try place in Marikina. We’ll surely be back this month for yet another tasty photo-lunch-trip!

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  1. General Ordoñez St. ;)

  2. Try their ensaimada also, its so yummy! :D

  3. To Anonymous: Thanks for checking out my blog :)
    Will still have to try their Ensaymada... I always remember to order e's ensaymada when it's too late and they're all out.. we were there again for lunch last yesterday (sunday jul3)...and I forgot to order na naman.. hehehe :) I'll do my best to remember next time :-)


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