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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ice Skrambol - Ice Scramble - Ice Crambles

Skrambol - Ice Skrambol - Ice Scramble - Ice Crambles - Ice Crumbles ... whatever you call this popular milky-icy-strawberry cooler, the Skrambol will always have a special place in my heart. 

The Skrambol has been around for ages... well, at least as far as I can remember. Today, you could still get hold of old school Skrambol outside schools, churches, or from your resident ambulant food vendor for 5.00-15.00 pesos per cup (depending on the size). In the good ol' days, Skrambol vendors even use Brown Cow to top it with. Yum yum! The milky-icy strawberry flavored slush is definitely one of my comfort foods... extra powdered milk topping please!

Right now, from the rise of affordable food cart franchises for as low as 5000.00 pesos, there has been an onslaught of Ice Scramble food kiosks sprouting throughout Metro Manila... in malls, supermarkets, and any place with a lot of "people traffic". The person who thought of commercializing the very simple Skrambol is a real genius... I should've thought of that myself! Tsk, too bad for me... hahaha :-)

So where do you usually get your Skrambol-fix nowadays?

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  2. I missed eating scrambles. I was always bought it when I was in the province.

  3. Ate Grusha, how are you? :) We miss you!

  4. Masarap yung milk na ginagamit nila sa Ice Breaker

    pero masarap yung ice nila sa Ice Creamball kasi gawa sa Ice cream! :))

  5. skrambol will always have a part in my heart kahit naimbestigador na yung ibang gumagawa. :)

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  8. *** hello everyone! so sorry for the extremely late reply, had a pretty loooooooong writer's block as i became really busy at work since july 2011. anyway, i'd be adding more entries soon!:-) keep yourself posted! :-) ***

    @Christia's World: Ganun, sayang, sana napanood ko din yung imbestigador feature on skrambol! hahaha :-) pero this will always be one of my old school faves :-)

    @K: saan yung ice creamball? di ko pa yun natry!

    @henry: me too! whenever we head to the province, i always get my fill of the original old school skrambol :-)

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