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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family and Kid-Friendly Fare @ Pancake House

Location: #1 Capitol Green Street, G/F Floor Commercial Center
Capitol Hills Golf & Country Club, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 2 - 9319938

Ask my 3 boys where they want to go for lunch or dinner, and they'll all say Pancake House! 

This place is such an easy choice for my boys because all their favorite food are in the menu. Waffles, Pancakes, Milkshakes, Ice Cream, Fried Chicken, Spaghetti, Fish N Chips, and Fries! Whew! 

Golden Brown Waffles (Php 137.00) 
Plus, our family loves it here 'coz we don't have to order separately for our kids' food and go to a restaurant we like since there are a lot of yummy choices for Wowie and I too. 

I would have to say that Pancake House together with Shakey's and Xtremely Xpresso (in Subic) are the only 3 places we know so far where everyone in our family has something good to order... seriously... hahaha :-) 

 Roast Beef Special Set (Php 231.00)
Roast beef with vegetables on the side, Caesar salad, rice and iced tea

My husband and I have a lot of other favorite restaurants, but then again, when we're eating out with our kids, we always have to compromise so we won't have hungry, grumpy, and restless boys at the end of the meal :-)

Their new menu allows us to choose from a lot of new dishes from the basic Pan Chicken, to USDA "Choice" or Angus Ribe-eye steaks... and tasty pasta dishes like their new All-meat Rigatoni (Php 180.00), Sauteed Beef on Tagliatelle with Tomato Cream Sauce (Php 195.00), and more!

 3-pcs Classic Pan Chicken (Php189.00)

 I just love Pancake House's Classic Pan Chicken! Definitely on my top-5 list of Best Tasting Fried Chicken. Always tasty and juicy!

Their Best Taco in Town is pretty yummy too! Quite small for me though, size is ok as an appetizer... but if I'm having this as a snack, I'd probably order 2 pieces :-)

  Best Taco in Town - 1pc (Php 82.00)

Wowie loves ordering their Roast Beef Special Set (3rd photo above) and Steaks too ...

We always sit in the same booth whenever we're at the Pancake House branch in Capitol Hills... hahaha :-) "Suki!"


What I Like: 
> Menu/Dishes - a lot of yummy choices for kids and adults 

Suggestion (in my opinion): 
> We always order their Extra Thick Milkshakes (Php 113.00)... tastes great... but it would be waaay better if it were served a bit more chilled or frozen than the usual... :-) 

Will I Go Back?:
> Yes... we always do :-)

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes... great for dining out with children :-)

 The kids (and I) love their Pop-up Kiddie Menu!


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  1. count me in. I love pancake house too!! i love esp. the blueberry or choco chip pancakes, homestyle bangus and the classic spag w/ meat sauce.

  2. [pinkc00kies] : Thanks for viewing my site :)

    Oh yes, the blueberry pancakes.. and the classic spaghetti!!! Their spaghetti is really good, i like the balance... not sweet, not sour... just perfect :)

    I'll be posting entries regularly, feel free to follow my blog too so you can be posted :)

  3. Your post just made me crave for Pancake house!!!!! I'm a kid at heart and loooove kid food

    Will go there for lunch TODAY!

    Is the chicken really good? OMG I can eat chicken, spag, nachos, salad, and Im just alone.. OMG haha Im such a glutton!

  4. Hi K! Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Oh yes, the Fried Chicken is good... try it with the spaghetti and nachos.. yum! Be sure to request for extra gravy if you're a "gravy" person like me... yummmmmmy with rice! :-)

    If you're also on the lookout for scrumptious fried chicken, head to Icebergs or Racks... their fried chicken are just heavenly, if not... the best basic, non-fastfood type fried chicken for me! :)

  5. their food sucks bigtime plus their prices are ridiculous for the quality....sheesh


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