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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a.c. RUMPA - Angeles City, Pampanga

Location: 1037 Surla Street
Balibago, Angeles City
Pampanga, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 45 - 8926659
Hours: Daily / 7:00 am - 9:30 pm

Heading home from our Subic weekend escapades, we always seem to end up in Angeles City, Pampanga for dinner. We've tried several restaurants there, but I keep forgetting to take photos of the restaurants and food. I'll try to remember next time, promise :-)

Anyway, here's another place to add to your list of places to try in Angeles City.

a.c. RUMPA... yes, that's a small letter "a" and "c"... that's how the official name is spelled. I heard it stands for Angeles City Reserve US Military Personnel Association.

This place came highly recommended by a couple of friends and a few reviews I read online. Let's see.

Porterhouse Steak with Gravy (Php195.00)

Wowie and I both ordered the Porterhouse Steak with Gravy. The steak was a bit small and thinly sliced for my liking, but hey... at a reasonable price of Php 195.00, I can't really complain about the size. I might also like my steaks thicker and bigger than most, so there. 



What I Liked:
> Price - reasonable... they have sandwiches from Php 70.00 to Php 130.00 and main dishes from Php 175.00 to Php 195.00
> Gravy - I love gravy... so as long as it's not horrible tasting, I like it!

What else...
> The steaks we got were a bit dry and the rice was not served hot... but it was ok, just average :-) Again, you can't demand for a thick and perfectly juicy steak at the price they're charging
> I might've had overly high expectations for a.c. RUMPA, after all the extremely good feedback I heard and read... so that's probably why I'm not exactly raving about the place...

Will I Go Back?:
> Perhaps, if I'm craving for steak and can't find a new steakhouse to try in Angeles.

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes... to those looking for a reasonably priced steakhouse in Angeles... and unless I find a place there with better-tasting steaks in their menu

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are highly appreciated... 
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  1. di ko pa nattry dito sa a.c RUMPA.. :D but talking about steaks, i think you should try SNACKAROO.. Its cheap din (P120-P150), and you can request on how to cook your steak.. So if youre craving, Go ka na dun.:)

    Btw, thanks for the review about a.c RUMPA.. try din namin diyan pag nagawi kami sa ANGELES..:)

  2. You're welcome... will be posting more reviews on other steak places :-)

    I've tried Snackaroo narin... yum! I would have to say, I like the steaks in Snackaroo better than a.c. Rumpa's ... medyo dry kasi yung mga steaks na nakuha namin dun twice na... but taste was ok naman:-) and.. In my opinion, Snackaroo's steaks are more flavorful...

    I'm trying to decide din which is better naman in terms of restos with affordable steaks... if sa Slice and Dice or here... or same level... hmmm...

  3. Try the ribs at a.c.Rumpa's, I always do when I go there. Hope you like it.

  4. Have you tried the buffet meal at mequeni restaurant at Holiday inn clark, pampanga?


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