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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mongolian Buffet & More @ O' Mai Khan - Baguio City

Location: # 12 Otek Street
corner Jose Rizal Park
Baguio City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) -74 - 4425885

Wowie introduced me to Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can Bowls back when we were still dating... and I can't seem to get enough of it. To this day, I continuously scour a town or place for a restaurant offering Mongolian Buffet... Whether we're at Boracay, Subic, or just about anywhere... I always have to get my fill of Mongolian Rice Bowls.

That's why I was extremely pleased that the "summer capital" of the Philippines had one... O' Mai Khan! After doing a bit of research online, and having read several good reviews about the place, I definitely had to give it a try.

We arrived just in time for dinner, the staff were accommodating and very nice to our boys. Of course, I'd be having their Eat-All-You-Can Mongolian Bowl... no question about that! Haha! :-) After checking the menu, I was also happy to see that there were items that are kid-friendly... as well as other dishes for those who want to order something other than their Mongolian Bowl.

Their pasta dishes are surprisingly delicious too!

As for their Mongolian Buffet... Mmmm! It was good... of course, the seasoning and combining of the ingredients was all ME...  but I could say that their spread and choices of Sauces, Meat, Chicken, Seafood, and Fresh Vegetables was perfect and makes for a yummy Mongolian rice bowl. :-)

third bowl for me!


What I Liked: 
> Mongolian Spread was good... and their other dishes are delicious too!
> The ambiance -  cozy. Nothing beats dining Al Fresco in Baguio City

Will I Go Back?:
> Yes, when in Baguio

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes! This is a place to definitely put on your list of dining choices in Baguio City, Philippines

* your feedback, comments, opinions, and suggestions
are highly appreciated... 
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  1. Will try this next time I visit Baguio. =)

  2. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas :
    Hi! Thanks for viewing my blog :)
    Yeah, you should try it when you're in Baguio.. they have pretty good food and Mongolian Bowls too!

  3. O Mai Khan used to be really really great. Disappointed on how old looking the place has become, hindi na nag invest yun may ari siguro. Also turned off how the once very generous O Mai Khan has now become restrictive in that they require their own servers to put the meat on your bowl!!! much for the all u can eat type of service! I think this is the biggest no-no for any resto who choose to offer all u can eat type of food. Parang takot malugi. We discovered a better Mongolian place in Session after that, if I remember it right, it's called Gobi or Kobi. Your blog is nice! Unlike others who are obviously solicited! (i hope u wont fall to same prey) keep it up!

  4. Hi Anonymous! :-) Hehe.. thanks for checking out my site. Yeah, I agree that Mongolian Bowl Eat-All-You-Can places should allow you to put as much meat, seafood, chicken as you want (Like in Cafe Sweet Inspirations along Katipunan Avenue QC)... what I do at Mongolian Restos that make their servers measure the amount of meat per bowl, is I only make myself a small bowl, not filled to the brim so that I have the right meat-to-tice-to-noodles-to-veggie ratio ;-) hehehe :-)
    Oooh... havent't heard of Gobi/Kobi... will definitely try it out next time we're at Baguio :-)... for sure!!! Basta Mongolian, I'm there!
    As for your nice words about my blog... THANK YOU! I really intend to write my honest to goodness reviews... as you might have read in my other posts, I write my HONEST take on my experience, even if it was horrible.. I say it as it is. Glad you appreciate my effort :-)
    I will continue to write sincere reviews... you can be assured that my opinions and reviews will never be "for sale" .. hehehe ;-)

  5. to Anonymous...... please do check out the new investment of O mai Khan at the upper session road right across the court of appeals past SM baguio. this is why management didnt get to upgrade or upkeep the old resto because of opening up a 2 storey building with a huge parking area for their customers. they have now moved to the new building and closed up the old one.I believe they just try to portion the meats because it is a common Filipino trait to put more than needed, and not being able to finish the food. Then they try to get away with the no left over charge....... ironic huh? but when we do visit all we ask is to just add abit more and the lady is more than happy to add on your bowl.

  6. and GOBI has closed shop already........ I think O mai Khan has been around for some 20 odd years in Baguio! seems like they know what they are doing. :)

    home grown baguio kid.....

  7. To Anonymous:

    Thank you for the feedback :-)

    Yeah, you can also ask the server to add a bit more meat to your bowl, or, like what I always do... just make small mongolian bowl concoctions for a perfect meat-veggie-rice-etc ratio :-)

    Too bad if Gobi closed shop na... but will still ask around the next time we're in Baguio :-)

  8. how much is Mongolian Buffet in O' Mai Khan?

    ...sad to hear that Gobi is closed na, i used to frequent this resto during the late 90's.

    anyhow, any more recommendations, eat-all-you-can buffet while in Baguio?

  9. Pleasantly surprised to see a bigger location for O Mai Khan! I love the food there. Must try indeed! :D


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