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Friday, May 27, 2011

Zapata's Cantina Mexicana - Angeles City, Pampanga

Location: 488 Don Juico Avenue
Angeles City,
Pamapanga, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 45 - 8920859
Hours: Open / 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Closed on Mondays


On our way home from Subic one weekend evening.. still too early to have dinner there, we decided to have dinner in Angeles instead. I  was super duper hungry that night and I wasn't really in the mood to try out new things, but, hey... I got to choose where we ate for lunch , so it was Wowie's turn to pick where we'd be going for dinner.

As I wasn't really a fan of Mexican food (not yet, then) I would have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good their Mexican dishes were.

Puerco Vera Cruz
(Pork Tenderloin served with Boracha Beans and Mexi Rice)

Here's a rundown on what we ordered: Nachos , Puerco Vera Cruz (Pork Tenderloin served with Boracha Beans and Mexi Rice), Beef Burrito Platter (served with Boracha Beans and Mexi rice)  and a slice of Key Lime Pie.

The Nachos were good and had a generous sprinkle of Jalapenos and Black Olives. The Mexi Rice went well with the Boracha Beans and the Marinated Pork Tenderloin dish. Burrito platter... yum!

On to the Key Lime Pie... Sorry, it was actually my first time to taste key lime pie... never thought of ordering it I can't really say if it was really supposed to taste that way or what. Hahaha :-)

Since I don't have any point of comparison for the Key Lime Pie, let me just describe how it tasted. In one word: BLECH!!! As soon as I took a bite, the first flavor to reveal itself was the Lime... after just a few seconds of chewing, a strong Tinapa flavor (smoked fish) came up, then sweetened condensed milk. Altogether, it was a really weird concoction... could you imagine, Tinapa or smoked fish in a dessert? *shudder* Ew.

To this day, I have yet to order another slice of Key Lime Pie somewhere else to finally know if it's supposed to have a fishy flavor to it or not. Hahahaha :-) Someone enlighten me on this one please!

Anyway... overall, I would have to say I had a fairly yummy meal at Zapata's Cantina Mexicana. It's definitely a good place to check out when you're in the Angeles, Pamapanga area. Good Mexican food, nice Mexican-themed decor... Love the Sombreros and Ponchos you can borrow for a unique photo-op :-)



What I Liked:
> Food
- Main dishes and Appetizer were de-lish! good flavor, not to strong but very tasty!

What I Didn't Like:
> The Key Lime Pie - ugh... is it just me, or is it really supposed to taste like smoked fish?
> Menu - Hope they had more main dish offerings and a wider range of food items like in Agave Mexican Cantina.

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely :-)

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes! Anyone headed to Pampanga should visit Zapata's for yum-O Mexican fare

> The Puerco Vera Cruz and Combination Platters

Wowie and I

p.s. sorry 'bout the low-res photos once again :-)

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