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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Super Scrumptious Fried Chicken & Ribs @ Racks

Location: El Pueblo Complex,
ADB Ave. cor. Julia Vargas Ave.
Pasig City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 2 - 636-7468
Hours: Daily / 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Country Style Chicken and Belgian Fries
(Half - Php 305.00 / Whole - 523.00)

I looove Fried Chicken... and I definitely LOVE Rack's Country Style Chicken!!! :-) Right now, I would have to say that Rack's is my #1 place to get super scrumptious, juicy, and tasty Fried Chicken! Their chicken is simply heavenly and cooked to perfection... every time. It has the perfect flavor inside and out... unlike other Fried Chicken where you only get the flavor mostly from the breading or skin.

For me, it goes best with Racks' Garlic Rice and House Blend Iced Tea. Mmmmm.. the pefect combination!

Racks Classic Pork Ribs BBQ Combo Platter
(Quarter Rack - Php 283.00 / Half Rack - Php 431.00)

My hubby on the other hand, picks Racks as his all-time favorite place to get his fill of pork ribs or baby back ribs. I agree with him and Racks' claim that their Ribs are grilled to perfection. The meat is really tender and does indeed fall off the bone.  I like the fact that the way they grill their food items is just spot on... no strong fancy flavors or sauces... but just pure grilled goodness!

Racks is definitely the place to go for the great tasting Fried Chicken and Ribs. Always looking forward to our next meal here :-) 


What I Like:
> Food
- The best Fried Chicken for me!
Country Style Chicken with Belgian Fries paired with Garlic Rice... winner!
> Price - reasonable
> House Blend Iced Tea 

What I Don't Like:
> Carbonara - always seems to be bland everytime I order it

Will I Go Back?:
> For sure!!!

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes!!! It's weird, but I actually recommend this place for their Fried Chicken. I love their ribs too, but then again, one of my favorite food in the world is Fried Chicken.. hahaha :-)

> The Fried Chicken of course!!! I swear, if you love fried chicken as much as I do... you MUST try the chicken here!!!

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