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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mmm Mami Noodles @ Ma Mon Luk - Quezon Avenue

Location: 408 Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63)-2-7123560
Hours: Daily / 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Mmmm... Ma Mon Luk... If you guys are looking for authentic "Mami", then this is definitely the place to get your fill of the real stuff.

Their mami is "assembled" like the usual ones you see at simple old-school mami carts, where the noodles, meat, and veggies are in their bowls, waiting to be filled with hot broth.

To be honest, and terribly straightforward... when I had my first bite of their chicken mami, I was all like, "Ew, lasang basahan!" ("Ew, tastes like a wet dirty rag!"). Hahahaha =) But seriously, it DID taste like a smelly "basahan" at first (not that I've already tasted "basahan", but I quite sure you can imagine what I mean). I wasn't really excited to have another bite, but I thought of giving it a second chance. I added a dash of salt, pepper, patis (fish sauce), and their other condiments... and... VOILA!!!... yummy Mami!

So my tip to everyone planning to satisfy their Mami-cravings at Ma Mon Luk... be sure to season your soup/broth properly, or you're sure to get the same reaction as mine when I didn't.

My honey and I settled for their jumbo siopao and siomai as it was still merienda time... and decided to reserve the main dishes 'til our next visit. I found the Jumbo Siopao really cheap for Php 50.00 as it was quite huge and heavy. However, I like Aberdeen Court's jumbo tai pao better.

For those looking for a comfy airconditioned restaurant, this is the not the place for you. The siopao and mami are all steaming in the main dining area and you can see that the servers are all pretty sweaty themselves. We went here on a rainy evening and it was still quite hot and humid inside Ma Mon Luk.

Overall, given the taste and value for money... I would still recommend that you try out this place, especially if you're in the lookout for authentic mami noodles. Remember... season your noodle soup properly! :)


What I Like:
> Food - Old-school assembly style of the Mami noodles. Authentic tasting mami.

What I Didn't Like:
> Taste - The "basahan" (dirty wet rag) taste when you don't season the broth properly

Will I Go Back?:
> Sure! When craving for authentic Chinese noodles... and perhaps to try the other food items on their menu

Will I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes, perfect for those people who do not want to go all the way to Binondo for authentic Chinese noodle soup and siopao

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  1. im never a fan of going to binondo, but for ma mon luk, game ako! i like their version! =)

  2. i like ma mon luk mami kasi it tastes "orig" ... you're right, you can go here nalang instead of going to binondo for your mami cravings.

    pero ako naman, i love going to ongpin for yummy and authentic chinese food =)

  3. oh my.. this reminds me so much of my childhood days.. eto lagi pasalubong ng mom ko samin.. btw, ano ulit yung tawag dun sa slimy na mami nila.. i forgot, pero thats my favorite..:D and also their siomai..

  4. uy sarap naman ng pasalubong!

    the only pasalubong i remember was from my dad... always 2pcs kfc original chicken with bread and coleslaw... haha :-)

    i was only able to try different restos when I got married.. our family was never really adventurous when it came to eating out... always lang yung mga fave places, which is like around 5-7 places lang.. hahaha :-)

    naku, know what.. i can't remember what their mami was called.. hahaha.. kaya wala din caption and price... di bale, next time na mapadpad kami ng quezon avenue, magma-ma mon luk kami and ino-note ko na lahat! :-) hahaha :-)

  5. Try Masuki in Greenhills. Same taste, same menu, but place is newer and cleaner. :) And try putting a spoon of the siopao sauce on the broth (caldo). It'll add flavor and character to the mami :))

  6. Christine: Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Ooohh.. really.. haven't tried Masuki.. will definitely put that in mind. Would love to go to a new place similar to Ma Mon Luk.. plus with what you said na it's "cleaner" .. go, go, go! Will add it to my must-try list for June!

    Thanks for the tip! Will also try putting the siopao sauce in my broth next time:-)

  7. yeah... perfect for rainy days :) orig na orig :)

    feel free to follow my blog too! will be posting new entries regularly :)

  8. grush.. alam ko na yung name nung food.. :D MAKI MI (mali ata yung spelling).. :D

  9. Hi ate grush..debbie here..=) if you have time, if i may suggest visit charlie's at mandaluyong..not the charlie's butger in pasig ah..hehehe..super dami kumakain..sarap din ng food..its a small place lang..parang house turned into a resto/mamihan/panciteria..they have rice toppings too..

  10. bang: yung nga ba? super di ko na maalala! hahaha :) dapat makabalik uli!
    debbie: oohh.. sige sige... when i read the first line of your comment i thought you were suggesting yung burger place...not really a fan of it pa naman.. hehehe :) sige... will give charlie's mandaluyong a try! ooohhh! will post a review once we've tried it :)


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