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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yummy Japanese Fare @ Louisam - Quezon City

Other Name: Maguro Japanese Restaurant
Location: Matalino Street, Baranggay Pinyahan
Diliman, Quezon City Philippines
Telephone: (63) - 2 - 3813209 / (63) - 2 - 4352998 /
+ (63) - 922 - 8003165 / + (63) - 927 - 5574827

California Maki (Php 79.00)

Whenever I crave for Sukiyaki, California Maki, and other basic Japanese food, Wowie and I head straight to Maguro / Louisam Japanese Restaurant. Japanese fare here is really a bang for your buck... super affordable and scrumptious compared to majority of the Japanese restos or Japanese fast food places in town... PLUS, serving size is generous for one person and everthing is freshly cooked... YUMMY! =)
Louisam's California Maki is really cheap at just Php 79.00 for an 8-piece order of properly assembled maki with filling you can actually taste... not like at other japanese fast food joints where you actually have to pay more for lousy tasting maki.

I especially LOVE their Sukiyaki... You get a huge serving bowl of piping hot Sukiyaki good enough for 2-3 people to share for only Php 180.00! What more can you ask for... cheap, but really flavorful! They definitely do not scrimp on the ingredients. There's more than enough veggies, tofu, and beef for each bite.

Sukiyaki (Php 180.00)

You can't go wrong with their Katsudon... really good too...

Katsudon (Php 109.00 )

If you regularly crave for Japanese fare like us, then this place is a definite must-try especially when you're in the Diliman-Teacher's Village-Quezon City area.


What I Like:
> Price - Really affordable!
> Food - Our fave place to go to for Sukiyaki.
> Portion - generous servings

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely! This is actually the ONLY place I want to go for basic Japanese Food on a regular basis.

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes, Yes, Yes!

> Sukiyaki!!!

Hope you enjoy the food here as much as we do!

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  1. Im such a fan of Jap Foods.. and yeah.. I LOVE Maguro's sukiyaki.. :D

  2. Mmmm me too! You've tried this place na pala... I just LOVE their sukiyaki... I like seasoning it with their dried chilli flakes for a spicy version :-) Yum!

  3. I agree! Yum Yum!

  4. Mmmmm... made me crave for their Sukiyaki... :-) Will probably be back next week when I'm in the area! yummmm-o!

  5. We tried the sukiyaki and it tasted good. However, the katsudon and california maki was just so so. Actually, I wasnt able to finish the katsudon since the pork meat wasn't well-cooked. We were the only customers at that time and the place was unclean. When we entered Louisam (also known as Maguro) it smelled like I was inside a comfort room. :(
    For almost the same price I could have eaten Katsudon at Komorra soba in Megamall or at a small jap resto along Maginhwa st. We will definitely wont be coming back here again.

  6. Hi Anonymous! :-)

    Thanks for reading my review on Maguro...
    Anyway... sad to hear that when you guys ate there, the place wasn't clean or did not smell clean... however, I honestly can't say the same thing since we went there on different occasions... so our dining experiences differ from each other. Again, I write from OUR experiences there, even if it is not the same as what others or even the majority would say... but I respect other people's experiences as well :-) No worries :-)

    So far, every time we eat at Maguro, everything's OK, place is clean... and doesn't smell like a comfort room :-) Food is cooked properly.. can't really complain about anything :-)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience as well! Feel free to read and comment on my other entries too :-)


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