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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mongolian Buffet @ Cafe Sweet Inspirations - Katipunan

Location: 311 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Philippines 1108
Telephone: 63-(2)-4334200
Telefax: 63-(2-)9282557
Sample Menu:
Hours: Daily / 6:00 am - 11:00 pm

If you're looking for a good old Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant, then Cafe Sweet Inspirations is the place to go!

Their Mongolian Rice Bowls are just the way my hubby and I like it... Mmmm... PERFECT =)

My 3rd Bowl...
that's why it's not full to the brim anymore... hahaha :-)

What I like about their Mongolian spread are the veggie choices and yummy sauces... they have fried tofu (which I so love), vermicelli noodles, red and green bell peppers, peanuts, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage... and all the important veggies needed to make a perfect Mongolian rice bowl.

Their sauces are just perfect... they have them in Teriyaki, Mongolian, Schezuan... and hmmm... another sauce which I totally forget right now... heehee =) Unlike other restos where you have to make your sauce from scratch (soy sauce, sugar water, vinegar, etc)... their sauces make it really easy for anyone to come up with a great tasting Mongolian bowl. Yumyum!

Price for food here is reasonable... Php. 280.00 for unlimited bowls of your own Mongolian Rice Bowl concoction... ultra yummy!

They also have other choices for people not into Mongolian Rice Bowls like Filipino food, pastas, omelettes, soups, sandwiches, grilled food, bangus dishes, and scrumptuous desserts and pastries... yum yum!


What I Like:
>  Food - My all-time fave place for Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can!
> Service - Their waiters are super attentive, and won't make you feel uncomfortable at all. They're also quite prompt in refilling your glass with iced tea or water :-)

Will I Go Back?:
> We always go back here for our Mongolian Buffet cravings :-)

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes, definitely! This is the best place to go to for Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can!

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