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Friday, July 1, 2011

Seven Corners Buffet - Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas

Location: 2nd Floor, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
Ortigas Avenue corner Asian Dev. Bank Avenue
Ortigas Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone:  (63) - 2- 6337222
Hours: Lunch 12:00 nn - 2:30 pm / Dinner 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm 
Price per Person:
Lunch - Php 1450.00 +
Dinner - Php 1650.00 +

I was intending to write a review entitled "Seven Reasons to Love Seven Corners" after having lunch with my husband there last week. Sadly, I could not come up with my seven reasons. Sorry, I could only think of enough reasons to count on one hand. :-(

I was really excited to go on a hotel buffet lunch again as it has been ages since we last did. I've decided this June that I wanted try all the Hotel Buffets again so I could write updated reviews on them. We've already planned our hotel buffet-hops for the year, and we chose Seven Corners at the Crowne Plaza to be first as it was the nearest to us.

If I had to choose just one word to describe our buffet-lunch experience at Seven Corners, here's what I have to say: DISAPPOINTING. Perhaps the main reason why my husband and I were both disappointed, was because of all the good things we read. That the buffet spread was just awesome, yadda, yadda. Yeah sure, there were good points and a few tasty buffet offerings; but the negative points outnumber the positive ones. We both had such high expectations, so naturally, if those expectations are not met... then... oh well.

main dining area

Oh my, where should I start... Ok, I'll start with the good things.

Pardon some of my photos here... still getting the hang of my Panasonic Lumix LX5 (which I will be writing a review on soon). Haven't really gotten around to figuring out the settings for the white balance. Hehehe :-)

Good point number 1: The Small Assortment of Cheese at the Create Your Own Pizza Corner.
I just happen to like all sorts of cheese, period. I ate the slices of cheese alone, didn't have them on my pizza.

Good point number 2: Freshly Grilled Lamb Chops.
Again, I love Lamb Chops... so you can't really go wrong with grilled Lamb Chops right?
Ok, they were good, had them done medium-well, but should've had them well-done.
Nevertheless, they were still yummy :-) I had 5 chops!

Good point number 3: Freshly Grilled Rib Eye Steak.
Wowie and I both love steak, so any place offering eat-all-you-can-steak is a plus for us.
The steak was yummy, in fact, it tasted like the steak I cook at home.
We probably use the same spices for our rub.
Well-done prime rib goodness... Mmmm :-)

and last, but definitely not the least...
Good point number 4: The Spicy Grilled Indian Shrimp
Good point number 5: The Spicy Chicken Tandoori

The Spicy Shrimp was seasoned perfectly and had the right amount of spiciness to give me the
kick I look for in a spicy dish.
The shrimp would have to be tied with the Lamb Chops as my 2 Faves at Seven Corners.
Both were really yummy!

The Chicken Tandoori was also a hit with us... Delish!

So there, 5 things we like about Seven Corners.

Now, let me just enumerate the things that didn't really leave a good impression.

1. Prawn Tempura was nowhere to be found

2. No dumplings or Peking Duck, despite the "China" corner. A lot of popular Chinese Dishes were missing too. How can you even call it a "China" corner.

3. The Dessert Station was literally EMPTY by 1:15 pm... and was just refilled with a few items 15 minutes before they close the buffet.

don't be deceived by the seemingly full and yummy dessert station
as seen in my photos above and below...
I was just lucky enough to take a photo of it
before it ran out of dessert items

4. The Teppanyaki Ice Cream was overrated, and RAN OUT of flavors by 1:30 pm. The only flavors left for us to choose from was Coffee, Mocha, and Pistachio. Great.

again, don't get too excited about my photo...
seems full right? that's because I took this photo at around 12:10 pm

5. The cooks, chefs, and servers manning the buffet line were UNFRIENDLY and SLOW. I swear.. of all the servers I asked and spoke to, NOT ONE managed to answer with a smile.

6. The server assigned to the Teppanyaki Ice Cream DID NOT LISTEN to what I wanted, as he was too busy chatting with someone else. 

7. There was NOBODY at the Pizza Station... or at least, whenever I checked... so how in the world could I have my Pizza made?

8. The lobsters were not that fresh, they had a strong ammonia taste and scent, even after I had them grilled with butter.

9. Half of the menu items did not have any labels... too bad for first-timers like us at their buffet spread.

10. The staff was not able to monitor the refilling of their chaffing dishes. I had to ask several attendants if they were still refilling it; and this was just at 1:30 pm.

11. There weren't any Filipino Dishes, except for the Lechon de Leche. Seriously, I checked.

I could go on, and on... it also seemed as though they didn't have a whole lot of popular buffet items... and can you imagine a buffet without Prawn Tempura? I know, Tempura... how commonplace, when I can have all the fresh prawns I want... but still... Wow.

I'm not sure why the buffet at Seven Corners did not seem to be the awesome hotel buffet resto everyone was raving about... was it because we went there on a weekday... lunchtime? I really don't know. Maybe someone could enlighten me this one.

I will keep saying this each time I write a negative review about a dining spot. This is, again, based on OUR experience. I know that most of you have only good things to say about Seven Corners, wish I could say the same, but I really can't. The prime rib, lamb chops, and spicy shrimp aren't enough to make me visit Seven Corners anytime soon.

* your feedback, comments, opinions, and suggestions
are highly appreciated... 
feel free to post it on the form below



  1. 1:30 is too early to end the buffet! ano ba sila. they did refuse to refill?

    many minus points for the missing prawn tempura! it's very basic..

    thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Chyng: I know right?!

    The buffet was supposed to be from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm... Nako, and 1:30 palang wala na nagrerefill.. siguro up to 2:00 to 2:15 eh dun lang sila nag refil nung ibang dishes... take note... iba lang.

    The Teppanyaki Ice cream, wala, they won't be refilling it na daw with other flavors so I had to settle with coffee, and 2 other flavors.

    The dessert station, I was told, that they won't be refilling it anymore... then at around 2:15, they added a few mini cake slices lang. Wow.

    As for the hot dishes... They didn't outright refuse to refill, but when I asked them, it took them ages to do so.

    Tempura... zero. Diba... super duper minus points for that. They supposedly have a Filipino station/corner, pero wala namang Filipino dishes. I know they had a Thai Specialty going on that day, but they're supposed to have it as an addition to the basic stations that they have.

    At maraaaaami pang wala na dishes na basic. My goodness. If not for the Rib Eye, Lamb Chops, and Spicy Shrimp, I could say na I'll be happier pa at Dad's Ultimate Buffet. Perhaps, when it comes to value for money, Dad's would win hands down.

    Oh well.. I don't intend on going back na muna, unless someone treats me. hahaha :-)

    Off to Sofitel naman for my next hotel-buffet hop! :-)

    Thanks again for reading my review Chyng :-)

  3. Oh no... sorry to hear that you had a bad or worst experience with them... I was thinking that maybe bec lunchtime kayo ngpunta or what... Kasi, me and my family usually have our dinner there... And fortunately, we have the best experience palagi! Food's always fresh, chefs/service crew's always attentive and friendly... And that's the reason na rin why we availed their membership... Super good experience kasi kami plagi eh... I hope you try naman dinnertime dun, and swear, you'd be happy sa food and service! oh, and if case you'd go there, look for TJ... he's the best waiter! he'll take care of you talaga from the time you sit til you leave the place... ♥, Anne Ramos

  4. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for the feedback :-)

    Yeah, too bad we had an unsavory experience at Seven Corners... sayang. Perhaps it's because we went there for lunch instead of dinner, but that's still not an excuse for the poor service from the people behind the buffet line.

    The waiter who attended to us was actually nice and very helpful, so plus points for him. :-)

    I'm just curious though.. wala ba talagang Tempura and other Filipino or Spanish dishes? The buffet spread itself had a lot of items missing in my opinion.

  5. @chyng, funny that u should mentioned prawn tempura being basic to buffets. No wonder Dusit Basix is named that way, they didn't have tempura and a lot other popular items when we dined last Aug. 5. The name of Dusit's buffet should have warned me already. they didn't even have a Chinese station, Japanese station without tempura and sashimi. Only had grill station and tandoori as the entree station. such a rip off of a buffet.

  6. would you give us the rub that you use at home so that we could try it? thanks

  7. (sigh).. sayang, i wanted to inquire pa naman na sana sa crowne plaza, coz i'd like to celebrate my baby's christening there on march 25, but since the service is not good, that they are unfriendly and slow, i wouldn't ask na.. thanks foodie mama, for your honest review.. God bless..

  8. ang dami ko p nmn binili n voucher :( hoping n di kmi madissapoint

  9. hello everyone! so sorry for the extremely late reply, been on a pretty loooooooong writer's block since i became really busy at work since july 2011. hopefully, i'd be adding more entries soon! :-)

    @grace: so where did you hold your baby's christenng instead?

    @anonymous: sana nga di kayo madisappoint like us, i would suggest go there ng dinner time nalang, baka mas ok yung mga pag refill nila ng dishes nila and mas ok yung service :-)

    @chinese adobo: really, naku dapat ata pag sa dusit, the way to go talaga is their sunday crossover brunch...

    @anonymous: i have a mixture of rosemary, allspice, salt, pepper :-) basic and yummy!

  10. Best hotel in ortigas the food it taste good!

  11. When we said Hotels in Ortigas or Manila, it may come expensive but if the hotel gives you satisfaction for food and sevices.. Why not.


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